8 Heads of Madness Wins Czech Film Critics' Award


On Saturday, January the 27th, 2018, the film co-produced by Moss & Roy, 8Heads of Madness, won the Czech Film Critics' Award for Best Artistic Achievement. The Award went to Anna Krtičková and Marta Nováková.

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8 Heads of Madness in the Czech cinemas


Long anticipated feature film 8 Heads of Madness coproduced by Moss & Roy will enter Czech Cinemas on distribution premiere planned for October 12th, 2017.

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With great pleasure we announce that  has chosen Moss & Roy as a technology partner for its group discounting web platform.

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FFJCU portal launch


Today the new redesigned web portal of Faculty of Philosophy, University of South Bohemia was launched.

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Together with the client we have sort of played with the number 4, and therefore the new road cycling web portal named will celebrate its birthday always on 4th of April . We launched it on 4.4. 2014 at 14:00 hours.

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Aneta Langerová stars in the new czech movie!


“8 Heads of Madness,this is an eternal struggle of the artist against the outside world but also against her own demons and desires. 8 Heads of Madness, this is a drama woven from the fragments of one dreary epoch, a cut through the desperate 20th century in a desperate country, seen through the sympathetic and sensitive eyes of a poet.“

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Kosmas - Shop of the year 2012


With great pleasure we inform that Czech e-commerce bookstore Kosmas, which development we have participated on has recieved Shop 2012 Quality Award (customers prize who rate their purchase experience at the online store) and won in the category of best bookshop of 2012 competition.

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Kosmas e-shop launched


After a one-year development a new Kosmas bookstore e-shop was launched today at[]. Moss & Roy has particapted as a consulting partner - at the first phases of development cooperated on the analysis and managed the suppliers selection. Next the implementation of the Adobe Content Management DRM on this project was executed by Moss & Roy.

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IPv6 Transition website


IANA the international organization responsible for the internet addresses allocation has almost depleated its inventory. The transition from the older IPv4 to the modern IPv6 will involve significant changes in the Internet infrastructure as well as the connected organization's local computer networks. On[] you can find a new informational website concerning the IPv4 to IPv6 migration issues, that we have recently started (in czech).

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Kosmas - the biggest (more than 25 000 titles on the stock) bookseller in the Czech Republic, has chosen MOSS & ROY as a consulting partner for supplier assessment and the new e-shop platform development and implementation supervision.

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