Today the new redesigned web portal of Faculty of Philosophy, University of South Bohemia was launched.

The main reason for changing the current form of the portal was primarily the need of  user interface redesign and bringing it into a line with the new University of South Bohemia unified visual style. After a detailed analysis we decided the most appropriate solution would be a complete generation change of platform, on which the original eleven websites were operated with all its components, including the obsolete content management system (CMS).

The aim of the comprehensive rejuvenation of the portal was not only to create graphically new look website with emphasis on user usability and responsive interface due to the increasing number of users coming from mobile devices, but also the development of new functionalities and implementation of the new system for web content and documents management (Enterprise Information Portal - EIP). The main objective was to modernize the platform to provide a few dozen users within and outside the faculty, who are in charge of managing the various sections of the portal with an efficient and easy to use content management interface.

The new portal is running on a Liferay enterprise portal platform, which of all the possible options meets best the required functionality, development and subsequent easy maintenance, and the possibility of easy custom modification.

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