About us

Since 2010 Moss & Roy is offering its clients a professional and independent consulting services in the areas of digital transformation and innovation, on-line and mobile services, information technology, on-line marketing and social media management.

Why us?

We are not keen on selling solutions. Contrary to others, we do not think you arrive at a car dealer to launch partnership on the solution of a long-term problems of your transfers over the distances of mostly long, but sometimes shorter nature. For some reason, not quite apparent to some people though, we think that you arrive at a car dealer to buy a car. In short, we like to call things what they are, without any unnecessary ramblings the purpose of which usually is to hide the lack of knowledge. However, our customer-oriented approach forces us to admit that if you insist, we will indeed deliver an interactive, sophisticated and above all robust solution, both new or used, we will be happy to oblige - as we say, we are customer-oriented

Our long-term experience and knowledge in user design, web portals and applications development are available to our our clients for use in their business and for using of opportunities brought about by internet and mobile media and the new technologies in general.

The above-mentioned portfolio of services is delivered with the emphasis on the quality of the final product. However, we do realise that the speed of the delivery and the first response to your requirements is no less important - no matter whether it is a design of a simple microsite, web portal or a more complex e-commerce site.

Our Skills

  • Content management systems
  • Document management systems
  • Web portal solutions
  • Communication systems and services
  • IS/IT infrastructure
  • E-learning
  • Digital Rights Management systems
  • Intranets and extranets
  • Social media marketing management
  • Liferay portal
  • Silverstripe